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When a tooth goes bad it is impossible to concentrate on anything other than the tooth.

When you are eating and you always get that twinge or you think is the tooth going to come out in the sandwich I am eating it is time to get yourself sorted out. Like most people, you will try and convince yourself that the tooth is fine and the pain or discomfort will go away magically one day. You continue to tell yourself it will not get infected like other peoples because you are careful.

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Dr. Luana O’Connor only does dental implants;


Affordability is the key to enable patients in Ireland.


The Bio Tech Dental France Dental Implant .

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When you are missing several teeth an option you can look for is a dental implant supported bridge to replace them.

You have the option of replacing each missing tooth with a single dental implant or having multiple dental implants placed then the bridge placed on to the dental implants. The dental implant supported bridge is diametrically different from a traditional dental bridge. The dental implant bridge is supported directly and attached to the dental implants so that the dental bridge is not interacting with the neighbouring teeth like a traditional dental bridge thus causing no damage to healthy teeth

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Dr. Luana O’Connor has been doing dental implant placements exclusively for 10 years and more than 3000 dental implants placed.


Enabling client satisfaction is a key part, which we achieve by using the highest quality materials at all stages of the patients treatment.

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Dr. Luana O’Connor only does dental implants; she has a Master’s Degree in Dental Implants

Affordability is the key to enable patients in Ireland to have dental implants done and NOT having to travel abroad.

The Bio Tech Dental France Dental Implant and Abutment comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We use the highest quality materials, titanium dental implants with Lifetime Guarantee, the highest quality porcelain for the dental implant crowns.

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Dr. Merry Tour

Dr. Roops Helly

Dr. Merry Tour

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Dr. Parman Smith Sr Doctor Types of bridges may vary, depending upon how they are fabricated ...

Websites with incredibly Low Prices Abroad!Don’t believe the hype!

There is no correct answer to the question! The answer is you are having surgery so you want to be sure that your dentist is competent in providing this surgery as you would if you were having any other surgery.

This is where it gets very tricky. No dentist in Ireland will consider working on these items that are placed abroad and you will have to fly back to the clinic you had the dental procedure done. This is a very important factor when you are considering having dental surgery abroad.


Biotech Dental is a major player in dental implants, with more than one million implants sold worldwide.We are committed to developing and manufacturing products of the highest quality, in accordance with the strictest
regulatory and scientific requirements.

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